Integrated Engineering with VINCENT

Effective Modeling with VINCENT

Control System Development with VINCENT

Virtual Commissioning with VINCENT

Effective Workflows with VINCENT

1. Configure virtual machinery

  • Import data from CAD models
  • Create the virtual machine
  • Integrate material handling

2. Develop the control system in VINCENT

  • Perform and teach movements: define actions
  • Visualize main sequences
  • Simulate and test the control program

3. Integrate safety

  • Check for collision in real time
  • Generate safety zones automatically
  • Safety zone prevent collisions

4. Commission virtually

  • Generate control projects automatically
  • Communicate with PLC
  • Test hardware-in-the-loop

5. Commission for real

  • Run virtual and real machine simultaneously
  • Successively replace virtual actuators with real actuators
  • Compare virtual and real machine performance
  • Identify discrepancies