Integrated Engineering with VINCENT

Effective Modeling with VINCENT

Control System Development with VINCENT

Virtual Commissioning with VINCENT

Custom VINCENT Training Courses

We offer a four-day workshop at your facilities to implement VINCENT in your company optimally. The content will support a development project of the client’s.

Day 1: From CAD Modell to Functional Virtual Machine

Morning: Introduction, importing data into Vincent, CAD data specifications, underlying user specifications

Afternoon: Efficient design of machine kinematics, definition and parameterization of bodies, axes and sensors, parametric axes, mechanical interfaces, kinematic loops

Day 2: From Machine Model to Complete Control Logic

Morning: Process specification, conditions, parallelism, modification of axis dynamic, position table

Afternoon: Generation of sequences, synchronization, specification and transfer of variables, accessing sensors and axis parameters, services, simulation

Day 3: From Taught Operation to Virtual Commissioning

Morning: Parallel and modular principles of operation and subsequent merging, completion of an example, code generation for Siemens or Beckhoff

Afternoon: Analysis of the generated control code on the two platforms, discussion of starting points for linking inverters/stepper motors, view mode

Day 4: Material and In-Depth Exercises

Morning: Specification of material instances and material flow, material scripting

Afternoon: Open topics, other collaborative work on the machine


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