Integrated Engineering with VINCENT

Effective Modeling with VINCENT

Control System Development with VINCENT

Virtual Commissioning with VINCENT

Innovative Controller Development with VINCENT

Developers and vendors of complex machinery and plants have to complete technically risky projects on time, at cost and to quality. Methods of integrated digital engineering provide valuable assistance.

Virtual models can be used to:

  • validate concepts at an early stage,
  • parallelize stages of development, and
  • validate features

At the same time, coordination among everyone involved in a project is improved, thus reducing errors caused by a lack of communication.

Since the implementation of major engineered systems is a substantial technical and organizational undertaking, the Fraunhofer IFF developed the VINCENT software system, which is tailored specifically to the need and need of medium-sized machine manufacturers.

VINCENT makes it possible to visualize machines and their movements as well as to completely test their kinematics physically correctly. A virtual machine is created from a CAD model largely automatically. Using the digital interface that connects the real controller (PLC, PC or NC), the control code is tested and the machine is commissioned virtually before being built. Design engineers and control engineers collaborate closely from the onset. Real time collision testing detects faulty operations, thus eliminating damage to the real equipment. The real machine is commissioned with validated engineering and tested control code.

Your Benefits with VINCENT

Standardized development of machinery by design and control engineers:

  • Reliable and complete transfer of know-how from design engineers to control engineers
  • Simple and integrated definition of processes in machines

Plant programming long before the plant is built:

  • As much as 50 % less time and labor required for programming
  • As much as 70 % less time required for commissioning
  • Quality assurance from the moment development commences

Automatically generated program code:

  • IEC61131 code: transparent, readable, commented
  • Efficient and automatic generation of safety parameters
  • High and verified reliability of generated code


  • Connection of hardware control systems with the model
  • Testing of the real controller’s performance

Our experience with digital engineering and the software system we developed enable us to help you with integrated and thus effective and efficient development of custom machinery.